SAACKE CNC Grinding Center UW I D

The all-rounder among the tool grinding machines


Incorporates automation, flexibility and precision

  • Different tool materials, as well as different tool types, can be combined and managed under full automation
  • The automation process allows you to randomly produce and re-sharpen tools in one batch
  • Tools are stored in a removable pallet or chain loader
  • Grinding wheel packages can be up to 150 mm in length (measured at the abutting HSK 50 surface) and 150 mm in diameter when using the automatic wheel changer
  • HSK 50 grinding wheel packages up to a diameter of 150 mm can be changed automatically


Tool data for complete grinding

  • Max. diameter 250 mm
  • Max. cutting edge length for complete grinding (measured at the front face of the work head) 430 mm


Technical highlights

  • Grinding wheel at the swivel point of the grinding head
  • 26 kW (optional 36 kW) constant torque and liquid cooled grinding spindle motor
  • Grinding spindle speed 2,000 - 12,000 rpm (optional 20,000 rpm)
  • work head a-axis with direct drive 600 rpm (optional 1,000 rpm)
  • Up to 6 (optional 12) grinding wheel packages are managed in the wheel changer
  • Simultaneous and automatic changing of the grinding wheel packages, along with the cooling nozzles
  • Random programmable tool loading system (optional)
  • Capacity/Pallet max. 143 tools
  • Capacity/Chain loader max. 320 tools



Technical Data - UW I D

Tool dataMax. diameter250 mm
Max. diameter for complete grinding250 mm
Max. edge length for complete grinding (measured at the front edge of the work head)430 mm
Centre height195 mm
Grinding table X-axisLongitudinal traverse625 mm
Feed rate0-15 m/min
Cross slide Z-axisLongitudinal traverse305 mm
Feed rate 0 - 15 m/min
Vertical travel Y-axisVertical travel305 mm
Feed rate0 - 15 m/min
Grinding head B-axisSwivel in horizontal plane240 deg.
Motor grinding spindle dia.170 mm
Grinding wheel arbor with rapid clampingHSK-C / E50
Grinding spindle speed infinitely variable2,000 - 12,000 rpm (optional 20,000 rpm)
Max. Grinding wheel diameter dia.200 mm
Grinding wheel changerNumber of magazine positions6 (optional 12)
Workhead A-axis with direct driveWork spindle taperPlane face (ISO 50)
Through bore capacity dia.32 mm
Through bore capacity by automatical clamping dia.30 mm
Indexing accuracy+/- 15''
Max. rpm of work spindle600 rpm (optional 1,000 rpm)
Drive output ratingGrinding motor, peak capacity16 kW (optional 26 or 36 kW)
Longitudinal path drive motor X-axis3 kW
Workhead drive motor A-axis3 kW
Cross travel drive motor Z-axis3 kW
Vertical travel drive motor Y-axis3 kW
Grinding head B-axis3 kW
Weightapprox.5,200 kg
Subject to technical change. Descriptions and pictures contain optional accessories.



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