SAACKE Tool Service

Service for self-produced tools and tools from other manufactuerers



Existing in two highly specialized competence centers, Pforzheim and Schmölln, the SAACKE GROUP offers different methods of tool service and tool life expansion for self-produced tools, as well as for tools from other manufacturers. SAACKE in Pforzheim focuses on gearing tools like hobs, wormwheel-hobs and special hobs, while PWS in Schmölln concentrates on shaper cutters and power-skiving-cutters. Different service methods include sharpening, profiling and coating (standard/ special). By properly analyzing the tool with quality instruments, we can make precise allowances for the wear, which results in the most optimal tool life (reconditioning).




Service Options

Resharpening service

  • Professional tool maintenance at SAACKE universal grinding centers
  • for self-produced tools, as well tools from other manufactuerers


Coating service

  • All common coatings
  • TiN-, TiCN-, TiAIN- and special coating




Our brochure informs you about our tool service