SAACKE Grinding Center UW I F

The Grinding center for economical grinding


SAACKE precision in a compact form

  • Digital drives assure the highest dynamic control in all axes
  • Flexible assembly with fully automatic grinding wheel changer
  • Accurate positioning of the tools via 3D-measuring probe
  • Grinding wheel diameters up to 150 mm can be changed automatically


Tool data

  • Max. diameter 200 mm
  • Max. edge length for complete grinding measured at the front edge of the work head 270 mm (optional 360 mm)


Technical highlights

  • Grinding wheel at the swivel point of the grinding head
  • 5 kW Grinding spindle power (optional 16 kW or 26 kW)
  • Grinding spindle speed 2,000 - 12,000 rpm
  • Work head with direct drive 600 rpm (optional 1,000 rpm)
  • 2 Grinding wheel packages (optional 4 or 6)
  • Capacity/Pallet max. 40 tools
  • Capacity/Chain loader max. 480 tools

Technical Data - UW I F

Tool dataMax. Diameter200 mm
Max. Tool Length for Complete Grinding from work-head face270 mm (optional 360 mm)
Longitudinal X-axisTravel Length530 mm
Feedrate range0-15 m/min
Useful table for Tool Supports245 x 140 mm
Transverse Z-axisTravel Length320 mm
Feedrate range 0-15 m/min
Vertical Y-axisTravel Length400 mm
Feedrate range0-15 m/min
Grinding Head B-axisRotary Travel240 deg.
Grinding Spindle equipped with Quick ChuckingHSK-C / E50
Spindle Speed Range2,000-12,000 RPM (optional 20,000 RPM)
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter150 mm
Grinding Wheel ChangerNo. of Magazine Stations2, 4 or 6
Workhead A-axis equipped with Direct-DriveType of work holding interfacePlane face (ISO 50)
Indexing Accuracy+/- 15“
Max. Rotation Speed600 RPM (optional 1,000 RPM)
Motor Power RatingsSpindle Motor Peak Power5 kW (optional 16 or 26 kW)
Longitudial X-axis motor2 kW
Workhead A-axis motor3 kW
Transverse Z-axis motor2 kW
Vertical Y-axis motor3 kW
Grinding Wheel Head B-axis motor2 kW
Weight(approx.)3,500 kg
Saacke reserves the right to update or amend specifications without prior notice.



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