For more than 125 years, companies worldwide have valued SAACKE's experience in the manufacture of precision tools and tool grinding machines. Our family business started in 1892 with the production of tools. The increased demand of the industry for economical machine tools led 1932 to the development and production of own tool grinding machines. At an early stage, our products set standards in terms of quality and precision. Today SAACKE products combine the latest technologies and decades of experience. This is how we create the innovations we will build on in the future..


Manufacturing of your components

Our great experience in dealing with complex contours and tight tolerances and also our commitment to quality are the basis for our success in the production of high-precision SAACKE gear cutting tools. We offer perfection to all your requirements!

Individual components are manufactured in single units or in series, according to your drawings, sketches or samples from prototypes. From partial to complete manufacturing, we provide you all services in a single source and we set the highest standards of efficiency, quality and services.

Our high-tech machinery and our reliable quality management make us your partner for high-precision machining technology. Our machine park consists of lathes, machining centers, grinding machines, gear cutting and gear grinding machines. Moreover, we use fully automated measuring machines combining optical and tactile measurements in our Quality management and the measuring accuracy is up to 1µm.

Challenge us! We look forward to your enquiry.



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