SAACKE Grinding Center UW II F

Precision & Stability for highest economic Efficiency


Precision & stability in small spaces

The tool grinding centre model UW II F offers best conditions for highest productivity. Tried and tested kinematics and control, combined with highly efficient expansions, makes the UW II F to a high-performance all-rounder for all tools with lengths of up to 400 mm and a diameter of 250 mm. The UW II F can be optionally equipped with a chain loader with up to 320 magazine positions and a new 8-station grinding wheel changer with automatically exchangeable cooling nozzle combination. An innovative additional industry 4.0 module called SaaRA that provides information on productivity and machine condition is available as well. This way, the UW II F leads to greatest economic efficiency while taking up very little space. The possibilities are versatile. Step into the future and experience the new UW II F.

All benefits at a glance

  • Flexible setup by use of a fully-automatic grinding wheel changer with 3, 4, 6 or 8 package stations
  • Higher level of automation through an integrated tool changer
  • Highest accuracy by positioning the grinding wheel(s) nearby the rotary centerline of the grinding wheel head
  • Digital control and axes drives latency, responsiveness and dynamics for all axes
  • Direct-drive work head allows spin grinding up to 600 RPM (1,000 RPM is optional)
  • User-friendly software for the complete grinding of metal, woodworking and profile tools

Accelerating your process with a CNC Traveling Tool Support

  • Comprises a 6th CNC axis on the grinding table
  • Equipped with wear-resistant, high-precision linear guides
  • Supports the tool while following the grinding wheel along the length of the cut
  • Grinding forces are optimized over the entire grind length by a moving and synchronized traveling support
  • Supports the tool directly and at the point of the grinding wheel contact
  • A sophisticated Adapter System provides many tool supporting possibilities
  • Various adapters (tailstock, guide bushings, 1/2 round bushings and full bushings) are optionally available
  • Special solutions allow precise control of tool diameters, even tools with back taper

Technical Data - UW II F

Tool dataMax. Diameter250 mm
Max. Tool Length for Complete Grinding from work-head face360 mm (optional 400 mm)
Longitudinal X-axisTravel Length530 mm
Feedrate range0-15 m/min
Useful table for Tool Supports245 x 140 mm
Transverse Z-axisTravel Length320 mm
Feedrate range0 - 15 m/min
Vertical Y-axisTravel Length400 mm
Feedrate range0 - 15 m/min
Grinding Head B-axisRotary Travel245 deg.
Grinding Spindle equipped with Quick ChuckingHSK-C / E50
Spindle Speed Range2,000 - 12,000 RPM (optional 20,000 RPM)
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter150 mm
Grinding Wheel ChangerNo. of Magazine Stations3 (optional 4, 6, 8)
Workhead A-axis equipped with Direct-DriveType of work holding interfacePlane face (ISO 50)
Indexing Accuracy+/- 15''
Max. Rotation Speed600 RPM (optional 1,000 RPM)
Motor Power RatingsSpindle Motor Peak Power16 kW (optional 26 kW)
Longitudial X-axis motor2 kW
Workhead A-axis motor3 kW
Transverse Z-axis motor2 kW
Vertical Y-axis motor3 kW
Grinding Wheel Head B-axis motor2 kW
Weight(approx.)4,500 kg
Saacke reserves the right to update or amend specifications without prior notice.



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