1A excellent training company

SAACKE receives the IHK seal of approval for vocational training and promotion of young talent

Tanja Traub, Member of the Management Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nordschwarzwald, awarded the award "1A excellent training company" to managing director Georg K. Saacke and his apprenticeship in a ceremony on 15.02.2018 in the premises of Gebr. SAACKE GmbH & Co. KG Team handed over. This IHK seal of approval recognizes regional companies that are committed to promoting young talent far beyond the legal requirements in the area of vocational training.

Model training company

Tanja Traub raised during the presentation of the certificate out: "Gebr Saacke is an exemplary training company with currently 18 apprentices in the industrial and technical and commercial professions.". The certificate "1A-honored training company" is the IHK Northern Black Forest-performance-enabled companies that make above-average efforts to train young people the opportunity to make their mark. According to Traub, it should be rewarded and, above all, seen that companies are particularly concerned with the topic of training and their quality is guaranteed. The core issue in this context is the provision of skilled workers and lifelong learning.

Gebr. SAACKE GmbH & Co. KG received the IHK seal of quality based on a comprehensive catalog of various activities. The criteria catalog of this award includes the topics "Personnel Development and Career Planning", "Qualified Staff in Training", "Training Support", "Volunteering and Social Commitment", "Health and Work", "Leisure and Work" and "Financial Support". Within these categories, special recognition was given to Gebr. SAACKE, for example, for the promotion of lower performers and to provide disadvantaged young people with an internship.

Managing Director Georg K. Saacke is pleased about the award

Georg K. Saacke is pleased about the award. "The fact that our company receives the valuable seal of approval of the IHK in the 125th year of our existence is an incentive for us not to stay in our development, but also to remain attractive for young people who - with appropriate commitment - both in our company For a demanding job and a viable future, because who has the youth for themselves, the future belongs ... "says CEO Georg K. Saacke.



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