Rack milling cutters

Optimum guidance for highest precision


We manufacture Rack Milling Cutter and Steering Rack Milling Cutters

For todays flexible and economical production of racks and steering racks there are customized modifications like profile- and lead crownings in convex or concave forms possible. Our tools are available with internal cooling upon request. Design and cutting data suggestions will be already provided during quotation process.


Module1.0 mm up to 6.0 mm (or respective to agreements)
LengthTools with bore: Up to a toothed length of approx. 300 mm and shank type tools up to approx. 400 mm total length.
QualityQuality classes AA up to AAA acc. to DIN 3968/SAACKE in house norm and better.
MaterialPowder Metal Steels (PM) for highest cutting performance
CoatingAll common coatings